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How to Watch Rio 2016 Olympic Live Streaming

Rio 2016 Olympics Live Streaming of all the games in Olympics 2016 will be available on NBCOlympics.com and all other related products of NBC like, NBC Sports Live Extra, NBC Sports Group's live streaming product for desktops, mobile devices, tablets, and connected TVs. we are providing live streaming channel of all games in summer Olympic. If you want to watch rio Olympics live streaming while travelling, then download NBC Sports Live Extra app.

Rio 2016 Olympic TV Channel

Seven Network
Rede Globo
Rede Record
Rede Bandeirantes
Fox Sports
CANOC Broadcasting Inc.
 Central Asia
 Czech Republic
TV Nova
Český Rozhlas
France Télévisions
 Hong Kong
Sport 5
Sky Italia
 Latin America
América Móvil
Fox Sports
Lietuvos rytas TV
Japan Consortium
 Middle East
 New Zealand
Sky Television
TV 2
 North Korea
 Pacific Islands5
Sky Television
Sport TV
Sports5 (TV5, AksyonTV, Hyper, Cignal)
NTV Plus
TV Nova
RTV Slovenija
 South Asia
STAR India
 South Africa
 South Korea
 Sub-Saharan Africa
Infront Sports & Media
Azam Media
 United Kingdom
 United States

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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Rio Olympics 2016 opening ceremony: Date | Time

Rio Olympics 2016 opening ceremony: Date | Time The most anticipated and luminous RIO OLYMPICS 2016, the XXXI Olympiad will be inaugurated on 5th August 2016 in Maracana Stadium, Brazil. The sporting event involves all the shades of culture including music and glowing colors of the cheerful time.  The tournament includes 28 Olympic Games with 10500 athletes, with 306 sets of medals in 33 venues of host city and 5 venues in Brazil largest city and Brazil’s capital.


The opening ceremony will instigate with the raise of the hosting of nation's flag with the melody of the national anthem composed by Spiros Samaras, to expressions by Kostas Palamas, for the first Games in Athens in 1896.
Brazil the presenting nation displays its imaginative mechanism in the form of art, music, singing, dance, and theater. The national anthem reflects the country's history, and culture. It also manifests the existing Olympic Game motto.
The conventional part of the opening ceremony is embarked with the Parade of Nations, or the preamble of the partaking athletes in marching form. The participating athletes march with the country's team by elevating their nation's flag. The President of the Organizing Committee and IOC makes a speech by forwarding and turning the microphone to the country's spokesperson who legitimately declares the Olympics open for the games.


Ironically, the closing ceremonies stick more to custom than the representative consent set forth by the International Olympic Committee. After the progression of each sporting event, a series of flag bearers would form a line in single file and then stride behind all the participating athletes without alliance teams by nationality.
Then the flag bearers raise three national flags and then play the national anthems. The President of the Organizing Committee states a speech. Once the International Committee President enunciates the Games over, the Olympic Flame quenches and then a band plays the official Olympic chant.
The medals are rewarded to the winners of the sporting events. A three-tiered dais ropes each of the three winners in mounting order. The gold, silver, and bronze medalists are privileged to sit adjacent to their nation's flag while their national anthem being sung in the background.
Olympics opening and closing ceremonies always have an imperative role during these sporting events.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Rio Olympics 2016 All Medals List - Medal Table

Rio Olympics 2016 All Medals List - Medal Table- After the favourable outcome of summer Olympics, winter Olympics haS also been initiated from way back. This is the most lucrative game for the athletes around the globe. With the every edition of Olympic Games, countries are adding more medals in the tally list. Till now thousands of medals have been won by the athletes of variant nations.

Rio Olympics Top Scorers 

Every athlete deliver’s the best to grab at least one medal on his name. Years of hard work and skills will help them achieve victory. On the top of the tally list, USA athletes have won 2399 medals so far. The second position is secured by the Soviet Union with the 1010 medals in their pocket. Great Britain is close to touch thousand. The third place is bagged by them with 780 medals.

671 medals have won by France combining both summer and winter Olympics. Italy and Germany is at 5th and 6th position with 549 and 573 medals on their names. The competition of beating each other in the tally list will be a tough one between the 7th positions to 11th one. The numbers of medals won by these countries are all in the four hundreds row.

483 medals Sweden, 476 medals Hungary, 473 medals China, 468 medals Australia and 409 medals have been won by East Germany. How close the digits are in the tally list? Russia is on 12th position of medals list with 396 medals.
Every athlete will give the electrifying performance to make his country proud and to jump to the top in the medals tally list.

Rio Olympics All Medals

Total 306 medal events will be played in seventeen days where the competition between the athletes will be witnessed by everyone in 42 sports.

Men have 161 events out of 306 medal events. The rest 136 events are of female category and 9 are mixed events. For continuous 17 days athletes will be showcasing their skills to the masses.
In 1904, Olympics started the trend of gold, silver and bronze medal for first, second and the third place. Don’t miss to watch the athletes fighting to grab any of these three positions.

Rio Olympics 2016 Mascot: Logo | Images

Rio Olympics 2016 Mascot Logo Images: The most awaited and gleaming RIO OLYMPICS 2016, the XXXI Olympiad announces itself open on 5th August 2016 in Maracana Stadium, Brazil where you would find all the shades of culture including music and vivid colors of the festive time.
The multi-sporting event includes 28 Olympic Games with 10500 athletes, with 306 sets of medals in 33 venues of host city and 5 venues in Brazil largest city and Brazil’s capital. The fans for various sports would be keen to know about the tickets to enjoy the favored events.
Mascot Selection
The Olympic mascot has been elected after receiving the highest voting of 323,327 votes from the other alternatives being Oba and Eba and Tiba Tuque and Esquindim and has been released on 23 November.

Rio Olympics 2016 Logo

The mascot reflects Brazilian wildlife and is called as Vinicius and is baptized after musician Vinicius de Moraes. Vinicius is a blend of diverse Brazilian wildlife, first and foremost hauling design traits of mammals: the suppleness of cats, lean of monkeys and poise of birds. His blueprint also takes insight from pop culture, and video game and animation characters. It was a symbol of happiness and brings forth the ppo, of talent on the grounds of Brazil.

The Paralympic mascot is named Tom, represented after the musician Tom Jobim, which represents the assortment of the Brazilian people and culture along with high-spirited nature. It represent the plants of Brazilian forests .It emblematizes energy, positive nature, spirit and diversity with the worldly environment colors like yellow, green and blue. The representation of the Brazilian fauna and flora along with the name of the musicians bring more correlation with mascots and the Olympic Sporting events.

The Logo showcases three figures- colors of Brazilian Flag, joined arms in triple embrace and the shape of Sugarloaf Mountain. The exclusive logo design has catered the idea of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil for Rio Olympic 2016 Sporting Games. The logo revealed in Rio De Janiero Brazil in 2011 reveals the spirit of being one and the Olympic spirit and the colors feature the Brazilian environment.

Rio Olympics 2016 | olympics live streaming

Rio Olympics 2016 | Olympics live streaming 2016 will be an astronomic year for sports. The ultimate athletics tournament Rio Olympics will commence from August 5th this year.Masses all over the world are so eager to catch the athletes performing. This is the platform where they show their sportsmanship and years of hard work.Rio Olympics 2016 will held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Watch Rio Olympics live 

Everybody can watch the Rio games on their television sets. There are many official broadcasting channels of Rio Olympics 2016.One of the biggest broadcasters BBC and BBC Sport will telecast the Rio 2016 for the viewers of England.

China residents can take pleasure of the games via CCTV and CCTV Sports. In Brazil, where the Rio will held in August, GrupoGlobo has the rights to broadcast the games. Canadians can catch a glimpseof Rio on CBC.While the NBC and NBC Sport channels will on-air in United States. Rio is still giving rights to the broadcasters all over the world, so the final and confirmed list of live streaming channels is yet to be declared. Only three months have left in the commencement of the Rio games, hopefully the confirmed broadcasters list will be out soon.

Rio Olympic 2016 Live 

Technology is so advanced these days; you can eye the happenings of the other places by sitting at your own place. Apart from the live broadcasting, Rio fans can also rejoice with their devices.
A good internet connection will aid to watch Rio 2016 on your mobile phones and laptops via live streaming sites. List of few live streaming websites are confirmed. One is the official site is of Rio itself, and second is the YouTube. The official website of NBC i.e. Olympics.nbcsports.com will deliver the service to watch the games in your android devices.

What is better than the free entertainment? Yes! You can adore the Rio games free of cost. BeIN Sport Rio 2016 Streaming and Olympics 2016 Live HD Stream is a blessing for the viewers. Best quality and multiple languages will garnish the watching experience.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Rio Olympics 2016 Full list of Sports

Rio Olympics 2016 Full list Sports :  Rio Olympics 2016 will be XXXI Olympiads which will take place from 5 August to 21 August 2016. In Rio 2016 Olympic 28 sports will be contested in Summer Olympic Games which is 2 more than 2012 London Olympics. Golf and Rugby Seven are the new sports introduced for Summer Olympics 2016. There will be 41 disciplines and 306 events in the 16 days competition.

Sports in 2016 Olympics 

1. Aquatics (Diving, Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Water Polo)
2. Archery
3. Athletics
4. Badminton
5. Basketball
6. Boxing
7. Canoeing (Slalom, Sprint)
8. Cycling (BMX, Mountain Biking, Road, Track)
9. Equestrian (Dressage, Eventing, Jumping)
10. Fencing
11. Field Hockey
12. Football
13. Golf
14. Gymnastics (Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline)
15. Handball
16. Judo
17. Modern Pentathlon
18. Rowing
19. Rugby Sevens
20. Sailing
21. Shooting
22. Table Tennis
23. Taekwondo
24. Tennis
25. Triathlon 2
6. Volleyball (Volleyball, Beach Volleyball)
27. Weightlifting 28. Wrestling (Freestyle, Greco-Roman)

Rio Olympics 2016 Live TV Broadcasting Channels

List Of Rio Olympics 2016 TV Channels In Different Countries: The most awaited and gleaming summer RIO OLYMPICS 2016, the XXXI Olympiad played every four years will commence from 5th August 2016 to 21st August in Maracana Stadium, Brazil. The multi-sporting event includes 28 Olympic Games with 10500 athletes, with 306 sets of medals in 33 venues of host city and 5 venues in Brazil largest city and Brazil’s capital.

 International Olympic Committee the owner of the global broadcast rights for the Olympic Games has always the focus to make the events more public and to the young generation. It helps broadcasting on television, radio, mobile and internet platform. The “Olympic Channel” will reflect coverage in Madrid, Spain in English for complete 24 hours. It will also join forces with domestic local channels universal in home languages.
Olympic Broadcasting Services is accountable for providing the international television and radio signals from the Games to the rights-holding broadcasters around the world. It ensures that the sky-scraping standards of Olympic broadcasting are constantly maintained.
In Europe Rio Olympics 2016 will be broadcasted by the Euro Sport parent company “Discovery” as IOC has already sold its rights to the same.
Different TV channels will broadcast the sports as the official broadcasters in each region have been defined and confirmed. The list of the channels is marked below:

Rio Olympics 2016 TV Channels

United States-  NBC (NBC will pay IOC around USD 4.38 billion to broadcast Olympics till 2020)
UK -BBC (BBC will continue to broadcast live Olympics till 2020)
Australia- Seven Network (exclusive rights with 10-15 hours of live coverage every day)
Canada- CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation won the rights for 2014 and 2016 Olympics)
New Zealand- SKY TV (Sky TV will broadcast live coverage of 2016 Olympics in New Zealand)
Pacific Island- Sky TV  (Sky TV NZ will also won the rights to broadcast in pacific island countries)
Germany- ZDF & ARD (National channels of Germany won the rights for 2014 and 2016 Olympics)
France- FT & Canal+
Asian Region- Dentsu (IOC sold the rights to Dentsu who will resale to local broadcasters in 17 Asian countries)
Indian Sub-Continent- Star Sports (Star Sports won the rights for South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka)
China- CCTV
Europe Countries- Sport Five (Sport Five paid $300 million to acquire rights for Olympics 2014 and 2016 in some European countries, they will resell to local broadcasters)
Russia- NTV Plus (acquired rights from Sport Five to broadcast live coverage of Olympics 2016 in Russian regions)
Caribbean- CBI (CBI Signed a deal to broadcast live Olympics 2016 in 20 countries in Caribbean) & ESPN production partner. (12 hours of live coverage every day)
Middle-East- ASBU (won the rights for Olympics 2014 and 2016 in the Middle East with 12-15 hours of live  coverage every day in gulf and other middle east countries)
Italy- Sky Italia & RAI (Sky Italia bought to rights for Olympics 2016 in Italy but they will share the live coverage with free-to-air Italian national channel RAI)
South Africa- SABC (free-to-air South Africa channel bought Olympics 2016 rights) & Super Sports
African Countries- Super Sport (IOC announced they have sold broadcasting rights in around 40 countries in Africa to Super Sport)
Ireland- RTE (Irish channel RTE will have live broadcasting + daily highlights rights for Olympics 2016 in Ireland
United States- NBC (NBC will pay IOC around USD 4.38 billion to broadcast Olympics till 2020)
UK- BBC (BBC will continue to broadcast live Olympics till 2020)

The broadcasting channels can get the flavors of all the events write on your television to have all fun with. Get ready to rejoice with your families.